Standards & rules – windscreens & body glass

The Standards & rules – windscreens & body glass, are outlined below. As mentioned in a previous article, all material used for external and internal vehicle glazing must have properties at least equivalent to the requirements of one or more of several Australian and international Standards.

When purchasing glass / glazing, for your car in Australia, whether it’s for the family buggy,  the elite show car, hand crafted hot rod or the classic car, daily driver, it’s important to get it right. All glass must comply with Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 8/01 – Safety Glazing Material) 2005. The interpretation of how those rules apply, are to be found in VSB 14 Section – LZ Appendices  which essentially provides all the technical requirements that need to be met when modifying or constructing a vehicle. Appendix G specifically relates to how ADR  8/01 – Safety Glazing Material apply.  Those with original pre-1949 vehicles that are modified as a Street Rod or those with vehicles constructed as a replica of the original and modified as Street Rod, can find their guidelines in the Street Rod Manual. 

Links to the Australian Design Rules, Vehicle Safety Bulletin 14 and the Street Rod Manual can be found by clicking on the associated standards and rules in the previous paragraph. 

Lastly, car clubs and the Australian Street Rod Federation are good places to start when looking for information regarding your vehicle.  Most if not all clubs will have a technical officer who can assist you and the ASRF. have their Technical Advisory Committee.

Other sections of the Vehicle Safety Bulletin V.2 Sect LH Body. Chassis are listed below as an assistance for those who may be modifying a vehicle and wish to ensure they know what is allowed.

  • NCOP1 Preface V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 83 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP2 Introduction V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 142 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP3 Section LA Engine V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 218 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP4 Section LB Transmission V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 131 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP5 Section LG Brakes V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 180 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP6 Section LH Body Modifications V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 993 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP7 Section LK Seating and Occupant Protection V2 01Jan2011PDF: 1729 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP8 Section LL Motorcycles V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 281 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP9 Section LM Fuel Systems V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 243 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP10 Section LO ADRS ICVs V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 814 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP10A LO1–3 ICV Checklist V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 144 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP10B LO1–4 ICV Checklist V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 122 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP10C LO7 ICV Motorcycle Checklist V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 193 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP10D LO1–2 Second Edition ADRs Checklist V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 127 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP11 Section LS Suspension and Steering V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 1319 KB
  • NCOP12 Section LT Test Procedures V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 991 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP13 Section LV Alternative Power Units V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 90 KB
  • NCOP14 Guidelines Electric Drive V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 307 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP15 Trike Guidelines V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 781 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP15A LEM Trike Checklist V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 139 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOP15B LEP Trike Checklist V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 146 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOPC1 Cover Page VSB14 V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 357 KB
  • NCOPC2 Cover Page Guidelines Electric Drive V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 972 KB ReadSpeaker
  • NCOPC3 Cover Page Trike Guidelines V2 01Jan2011 PDF: 386 KB ReadSpeaker

Queries regarding VSB 14 should be directed to your local Registration Authority.