Austin / Morris / Rover Classic Mini Sliding side windows

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Austin / Morris / Rover Classic Mini Sliding side windows | NEW Glass

This reproduction side set of glass will now allow you to complete your Classic – Austin / Morris / Rover Mini Sliding side windows, with new side windows. The polishing of the edges on our glass is second to none and we take great pride in this fact. Replacing your windows has never been easier and with the show quality finish and perfect fit, installing them has never been easier either! Whether you’re building up a neat little classic mini 850, a Cooper or Cooper S, this is the perfect addition to your car. Need to know how to install them? Send us an email and we can help you out.

This set suits Minis with sliding door windows. ie: all Mark 1 and Mark 2 Morris minis, Mk1 and Mk2 Austin Minis and Mk 1 & Mk 2 Leyland Minis. If you have a window up window with quarter vent mini or a mini with 1 piece door glass, please feel free to check out our other listings for the correct glass.

This – Sliding side windows set includes: 

– 2 x Front sliding windows (front)
– 2 x Front sliding windows (rear)
– 2 x Rear quarter windows

Auto safety glass needs to be legally compliant. All glass supplied by Glass 4 Classics meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR 8/01 and complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006, or the equivalent International Standard. Each piece of glass will have a ‘compliance mark’, also known as a bug, logo, glass monogram or safety stamp.

Classic Glass colour: selection available for this listing.

Clear Glass.  Most early model cars only came with clear glass.  Clear glass is best for those:

– whose vehicles came with clear glass and wish to maintain authenticity.
– wish to have a clean look.

– wish to apply after market tint on their vehicle.

Green Tint glass. The same tint as supplied in most vehicles that came with air conditioning installed. This was very popular option for a large number of 50’s & 60’s vehicles and eventually became the standard for the majority of cars. Green glass is best for those:

– whose vehicles came with green glass and wish to maintain originality.
– wish to co-ordinate the colour of the car with the glass.

– who like the very slight cooling that the green tint provides.

Smoked Grey Tint glass is very popular in hot rods etc.  Smoked Grey Tint glass is best for those:

– wish to co-ordinate the colour of the car with the glass.
– who like the very slight cooling that the green tint provides, but also want to remove the risk of scratching that is commonly caused to aftermarket tint in older vehicles.

Please Note: The tinted glass does not have any UV blocking properties. The glass itself is tinted, it is not a stick on aftermarket tint.

Glass 4 Classics - Glass Colours Available

For those of you requiring custom flat glass, we now offer the choice of three types of polishing on our edge work.

Range of edgework offerred: 

  • Highly polished Show Quality finish that can be seen on the left of the photo below. This glass is CNC cut and then CNC polished to a lustrous shine, that is second to none! This will really set your ride apart from the rest!
  • Others of you may still like the quality and finish that only a CNC can give, but would prefer that it’s closer to the way it left the factory, which is why we now offer the Factory satin Finished range. This finish can be seen on the right of the photo below. All of the glass is CNC cut and then CNC ground to give you that OEM look to your new glass.
  • Hand polished. This glass is the closest to how it left the factory. The glass will still be CNC cut for accurate fit, however the edges will be hand finished. This glass represents good value for money as it is offered at a lower price that our CNC finished sets.

Glass Edgework, polished, flat ground. Glass 4 Classics 


At Glass 4 Classics we take great care with the way we send our glass around the country. We put the utmost care into packing our items, so that they arrive undamaged and we have an excellent track record. The following shipping information is provided to assist with your purchase. 

However, from time to time, items do get damaged in transit, therefore we ask that prior to signing and accepting the delivery, you conduct a quick check of your purchased goods for any obvious damage to the packaging and to check for any obvious breakages. If your delivery is damaged, do not accept it.  A more thorough check of your purchased product/s should be conducted within 72 hrs of signing for the parcel, unless prior notice is given advising us that you will not be able to immediately inspect due to absence. A date to inspect must be advised and agreed to by us. This time will normally not be longer than one week.

All our glass is inspected carefully prior to leaving the warehouses, so there should be no marks or scratches on anything supplied by us. Tempered glass, if broken, will shatter into hundreds of small pieces therefore any damage on delivery should be immediately evident. Laminated glass may not be immediately evident as it will simply crack. Any damage found should be photographed if possible and a report noting the damage sent through immediately.

Re-delivery Charge: If a charge is made by a courier because no one was in attendance to accept a delivery, this charge will be invoiced through to the purchaser. If possible we ask that you provide a delivery address, where someone will be able to accept the delivery during business hours.

Please Note: Due to the fragile nature of glass and its ability to mark if mishandled, Glass 4 Classics will not be held responsible for damage reported after 72 hours, unless, as noted above, prior arrangements have been made for a later inspection.

See our FAQ’s page for answers to the following questions, then scroll down the page to the Shipping category, or click on the questions below.


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