Jeep CJ3A | CJ3B Front Windscreen | New Glass

$220.00 inc. GST


Product Description

This reproduction Jeep CJ3A | CJ3B Front Windscreen will now allow you to complete your Jeep with new glass. These NEW windscreens are produced in 5.76mm thick laminated glass to adhere to all current AS/NZS.


Don’t worry though, they fit in your stock/new windscreen rubbers without any problem. For those of you who are unsure as to why laminated glass is used for the windscreens,  not the toughened that your car came with. The law dictates that any reproduction glass that is to be fitted to the front of a vehicle, must adhere to current standards. Not those of the time period in which the vehicle was manufactured.

Jeep CJ3A | CJ3B Front Windscreen includes the following:

– 1 x Front Windscreen


Auto safety glass needs to be legally compliant. All glass supplied by Glass 4 Classics meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR 8/01 and complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006, or the equivalent International Standard. Each piece of glass will have a ‘compliance mark’, also known as a bug, logo, glass monogram or safety stamp.