HQ HJ HX Holden coupe Monaro front windscreen – Green (with blue shade band)

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HQ HJ HX Holden coupe Monaro front windscreen – Green (with blue shade band)

This reproduction windscreen will allow you to complete your 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 or 1975 HQ, HJ or HX Holden Monaro or Limited Edition Coupe with new glass, whether it be stock standard or modified! This glass is manufactured using the latest CNC technology to ensure that it is accurate to the original size and shape. 

The aftermarket windscreen manufacturers usually produce the HQ, HJ, HX Holden coupe Monaro windscreens in green tint with a blue shade band at the top (as is common in all modern daily drivers). These particular screens DO have the black band around the edge to hide the windscreen adhesive used. If you would like the clear windscreen without the ceramic edge please see our other listing.

We all know that when these old Holden’s were produced, it was in the days when they were actually used as hard working vehicles. It is therefore extremely common for the windscreen in your HQ, HJ or HZ Holden, to be quite severely scratched and damaged. With brand new glass available, you no longer need to pick out the best second hand one that you can find. These windscreens are produced in the latest and highest quality laminated glass. So you can be assured that your safety and that of your family is paramount.

This includes the following:

– 1 x Front windscreen (Green with blue shade band at the top and black ceramic banded edge.)

Note about Images:

CLEAR windscreen is shown in the image, not green tint with blue shade band. The images shown represent the shape of the glass only and are not meant to be an accurate representation of size, proportion or clarity. All glass is guaranteed to be crystal clear, free of blemishes and imperfections. You can be assured that you are purchasing only the BEST quality windows available to complete your project.

Note about freight:

These can be packed into a specially made windscreen carton and sent anywhere that is required. Please contact G4C to obtain a freight cost as our online calculators are unable to work it out.

Auto safety glass needs to be legally compliant. All glass supplied by Glass 4 Classics meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR 8/01 and complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006, or the equivalent International Standard. Each piece of glass will have a ‘compliance mark’, also known as a bug, logo, glass monogram or safety stamp.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 183 × 34 × 85 cm


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