FX FJ Holden replacement custom V-butt windscreen | Sedan Ute Van

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FX FJ Holden replacement custom V-butt windscreen

This FX FJ Holden replacement custom V-butt windscreen will allow you to complete your Sedan, Ute or Van with new glass. This is a great alternative to the original windscreens. These screens have the appearance of one piece glass and are easier to install than the standard style windscreen with the centre rubber/trim. The centre join has been mitred for a clean joint. These windscreens are produced in 5.76mm thick laminated glass and are fully compliant. See note below.

This listing for FX FJ Holden replacement custom V-butt windscreen includes the following:

– 2 x Front Windscreen pieces  (special V-butt ) (Pair L & R)
– 1 x UV Stable glazing silicone (for the join down the middle)
– 1 x Plastic chisel stick to aid in installation.

Please note that this is not a one piece window, it is made up of two halves. You will need to remove the centre bar that is used to hold the centre rubber/trim (there should only be two screws holding this in place). This installation is very straight forward and will utilise a standard front windscreen rubber. Full installation instructions will be supplied with the screen, or can be viewed here.

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FX FJ Holden Sedan Ute Van Front windscreen

Auto safety glass needs to be legally compliant. All glass supplied by Glass 4 Classics meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR 8/01 and complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006, or the equivalent International Standard. Each piece of glass will have a ‘compliance mark’, also known as a bug, logo, glass monogram or safety stamp.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 82 × 62 × 12 cm



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