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1957 Chevrolet 2 & 4 Door Sedan Front Windscreen

This reproduction windscreen will allow you to complete your 1957 150, 210 or Bel Air Chevrolet Sedan (post) with new glass, whether it be stock standard or modified! This glass is manufactured using the latest CNC technology to ensure that it is accurate to the original size and shape. (Online freight calculator will not be able to work out freight costs, please contact us for pickup or freight estimate.)

All of the aftermarket windscreen manufacturers produce the Tri-Five Chevy windscreens in green tint with a blue shade band at the top (as is common in all modern daily drivers). This is what we will assume you require. If you do want a plain green or plain clear then these generally need to be produced in a custom production, they are slightly dearer than the standard screen, however they will allow you to complete your Chev the way you would like to. You will need to contact us if you wish to have a plain clear or plain green tint screen made.

When you’re driving your classic, you don’t want any distractions. Clarity and distortion free vision are of paramount importance to any car on the road. Using/reusing old damaged, scratched and worn glass is not only ugly, it is a down right safety hazard to you and everyone around you! Glass 4 Classics wants you to enjoy your classic car safely. Because of this, we have sourced our glass to give you the ability to replace your tired, old glass. Glass 4 Classics are your suppliers of glass for your classic car, so put only the best between your vision and the road, nothing less

There’s more: Need to know how to install the window glass? Send us an email and we can help you out.

This 57 Chevrolet convertible glass includes the following:

– 1 x Front windscreen (Green Tint with shade band at the top)

Note about Images:

The images shown represent the shape of the glass only and are not meant to be an accurate representation of size, proportion or clarity. All glass is guaranteed to be crystal clear, free of blemishes and imperfections. You can be assured that you are purchasing only the BEST quality windows available to complete your project.

Note about freight:

These can be packed into a specially made windscreen carton and sent anywhere that is required. Please contact G4C to obtain a freight cost as our online calculators are unable to work it out.

This will fit the following models:

This front windscreen / windshield will fit the following models:

2 Door Sedan Variants:
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Utility Sedan One-Fifty Series  |  Model: 1512-1211B
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Sedan One-Fifty Series  |  Model: 1512-1211
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Sedan Two-Ten Series – Model:  |  2101-1011
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Sedan Two-Ten Series Delray Club Coupe – Model:  |  2124-1011A
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Sedan Bel Air Series – Model:  |  2402-1011D
Series: A57-150 , B57-210 , C57-240
Job: 57-1011 , 57-1011A , 57-1011D , 57-1211 , 57-1211B

4 Door Sedan Variants:
– 1957 Chev 4 Door Sedan One-Fifty Series  |  Model: 1503-1219
– 1957 Chev 4 Door Sedan Two-Ten Series – Model:  |  2103-1019
– 1957 Chev 4 Door Sedan Bel Air Series – Model:  |  2403-1019D

Series: A57-150 , B57-210 , C57-240
Job: 57-1019 , 57-1019D , 57-1219

2 Door Station Wagon Variants:
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Handyman Station Wagon One-Fifty Series | Model: 1529-1263F
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Handyman Station Wagon Two-Ten Series – Model: | 2129-1063F

Series: A57-150 , B57-210
Job: 57-1063F , 57-1263F

4 Door Station Wagon Variants:
– 1957 Chev 4 Door Townsman Station Wagon Two-Ten Series | Model: 2109-1062F
– 1957 Chev 4 Door Beauville Station Wagon Bel Air Series – Model: | 2119-1062FC

Series: A57-210 , B57-240
Job: 57-1062F , 57-1062FC

2 Door Sedan Delivery Variants:
– 1957 Chev 2 Door Sedan Delivery One-Fifty Series | Model: 2109-1062F

Job: 57-1271

Auto safety glass needs to be legally compliant. All glass supplied by Glass 4 Classics meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR 8/01 and complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006, or the equivalent International Standard. Each piece of glass will have a ‘compliance mark’, also known as a bug, logo, glass monogram or safety stamp.

Windscreen colour:
All windscreens will be produced using Laminated Automotive glass.
Flat Glass screens
Most of the original screens in the early cars and trucks were manufactured using clear glass. With the green tint not introduced as standard until the late sixties or early seventies.
This is available to select on all our flat glass listings. 

Curved Glass screens
Most of the original curved screens in the early cars and trucks were manufactured using clear glass, with the green tint not introduced as standard until the late sixties or early seventies.
Current windscreen manufacturers do not usually manufacture windscreens using clear glass.
Glass 4 Classics do have limited runs of clear curved glass screens manufactured for a number of cars that only came with clear screens.
The plain green tint is not generally available.
Green is available for a number of American made vehicles.
Green tint with blue shade band:
This glass is the same as all windscreen glass installed in today’s modern cars. It is often the only choice for those requiring a new screen.

Special orders:
If you require a clear or green tint windscreen for your car and only the green tint with blue shade band is available, please contact us and we will do our best to have a screen produced.
Occasionally we have requests for clear with a shade band. As above these may be available, however in most cases we will need to special order them. 

Special orders for curved windscreens will usually have a long lead time, as we will either have them manufactured or will import them.
Please phone 1300 442 000 to discuss your requirements with us.  

At Glass 4 Classics we take great care with the way we send our glass around the country. We put the utmost care into packing our items, so that they arrive undamaged and we have an excellent track record. The following shipping information is provided to assist with your purchase. 

However, from time to time, items do get damaged in transit, therefore we ask that prior to signing and accepting the delivery, you conduct a quick check of your purchased goods for any obvious damage to the packaging and to check for any obvious breakages. If your delivery is damaged, do not accept it.  A more thorough check of your purchased product/s should be conducted within 72 hrs of signing for the parcel, unless prior notice is given advising us that you will not be able to immediately inspect due to absence. A date to inspect must be advised and agreed to by us. This time will normally not be longer than one week.

All our glass is inspected carefully prior to leaving the warehouses, so there should be no marks or scratches on anything supplied by us. Tempered glass, if broken, will shatter into hundreds of small pieces therefore any damage on delivery should be immediately evident. Laminated glass may not be immediately evident as it will simply crack. Any damage found should be photographed if possible and a report noting the damage sent through immediately.

Re-delivery Charge: If a charge is made by a courier because no one was in attendance to accept a delivery, this charge will be invoiced through to the purchaser. If possible we ask that you provide a delivery address, where someone will be able to accept the delivery during business hours.

Please Note: Due to the fragile nature of glass and its ability to mark if mishandled, Glass 4 Classics will not be held responsible for damage reported after 72 hours, unless, as noted above, prior arrangements have been made for a later inspection.

See our FAQ’s page for answers to the following questions, then scroll down the page to the Shipping category, or click on the questions below.


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