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Rod & Nathan meeting with Charlie Hutton.
Charlie is well-known in the custom car world for his work on high-end street rods.



Glass 4 Classics is a family business, owned and operated by father and son team, Rod and Nathan and based in Nerang on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland.

Established 2012

It is through our love of and working on own classic cars, that we commenced Glass 4 Classics. See Our Story  LINK

While sourcing glass for our own vehicles we found that it was not always obtainable and there was an obvious need for quality automotive glass. So we did what many car guys do…we started a business. We are doing what we love and are helping people with the same passion as us! 

We have grown the business at a measured pace, trying to ensure that we don’t over promise and under deliver. From initially supplying just flat glass for classics cars, we now stock, import or manufacture, windscreens, side glass and back screens for most makes and models of cars from the early 1900s through to the 1970’s.

 We Listened To YOU.

 Photos Trailer and display

Travelling thousands of kilometres each year we try to visit as many of the major swap meets, hot rod and car shows as we can. It is at these events that we learn what the most recent trends are and what if any, problems restorers of old cars are facing in sourcing glass for their vehicles.

Establishing A Standard.

 We have spent considerable time with manufacturers and suppliers establishing a standard that we believe is acceptable. Glass that is of poor quality or does not fit will never be acceptable.  The message must be getting through, as we are frequently accused of placing unacceptably high demands on them. It’s nice to hear they believe our demands are high. The good news is we don’t compromise and the standard being produced is now very good.

Extending the range

We commenced supplying flat glass for a limited range of Australian vehicles, however having listened, we are trying to stock what is not always readily obtainable in Australia. Our range of glass include, windscreens / windshields, side glass and back glass for the vast majority of cars, trucks and pick ups mad in Australia or overseas, from the early 1900s, through to the late 1970’s. Our glass is either sourced or manufactured here in Australia or imported in large shipments from the United States.

What if the glass you require is not reproduced, and you don’t have original glass.?

Patterns and Publications Sourced.

Glass 4 Classics now holds patterns and templates for an estimated 8000 makes and models of cars. These patterns are backed up by an extensive library of glass related catalogues and literature going back to the early 1900s. Along with Nathan’s own exceptional knowledge of these vehicles, there is not much we can’t assist with. We may not always have what you are after in stock, however we will do what we can to assist you. This is especially true for those who require custom glass for that chop top, hot rod or custom vehicle.

We Strive For Perfection.

 Many of you have built custom cars, utes, trucks etc. requiring new glass to be cut. One off pieces of glass that are seemingly impossible to get, is where we excel. At Glass 4 Classics we strive for perfection and will do everything we can to help you to obtain the desired outcome.

Our glass is seen ( or not seen if it has been cleaned well 😊 ) in cars at all the major cars shows and events around Australia and even Detroit XBOSS

We give back

 Throughout our years in the classic car scene, as we have worked on our various projects, we have met and been helped on countless occasions by many wonderful people. Many of these folk are now life-long friends. We have learned a lot from others and if we can do our little bit in giving back to the classic car community, we are only too happy to do so.

Both Rod & Nathan are passionate car guys, you can read Our Story and see Our . We are also happy to answer questions or receive comments from you, be it about glass, our builds or for advice on your current project.

Give Rod or Nathan a call on 1300 442 000

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